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“It Happened So Fast”

10/9/2020 (Permalink)

image of two young girls standing outside in a flash flood with severe water in the streets It is difficult to prevent damage from a natural disaster, so it is best to keep the number of a trusted water damage service handy.

Many victims of water damage have said those exact words after an incident happens: “It happened so fast.” Water damage is often times unprecedented and happens in a matter of minutes. It is often difficult to contain water damage once there is a problem. Water will always find the path of least resistance.  

Water damage can stem from several issues including:

  • Pipes bursting
  • Plumbing problems
  • HVAC issues
  • Natural disasters and other weather-related problems.

To avoid simple plumbing issues, periodically make sure that hoses and pipe joints are fully attached. Appliances such as hot water tanks should be monitored as they age. Once an appliance such as this begins to deteriorate, they become a high risk for bursting and causing a lot of damage. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for sudden storms, flash floods, and hurricanes that may be coming your way. It is difficult to prevent damage from a natural disaster, so it is best to keep the number of a trusted water damage service handy.           

SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties is available to service your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are more than happy to help! Call us at (814) 636 6760 if you need our help or would like more information. 

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How to Clean Smoke Damaged Electronics

8/18/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke damaged electronics If serious smoke and soot damage has occurred, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties. We can save your belongings!

iPhones, iPads, Nintendo Switch, or xBox, you never want to see a fire ruin your highly valued electronics. Smoke and soot can cause just as much damage as the heat of the fire.

Smoke can damage electronics in multiple ways:

  1. Corrosion: Soot is acidic in nature and can corrode key components of your electronic device. This ultimately shortens the product’s lifespan.
  2. Insulation: Soot leaves behind a black film that can insulate parts and cause overheating. Overheating can cause some products to release toxic fumes and lead to electronic failure.
  3. Magnetization: Believe it or not, smoke is magnetically charged and can cause electronics to short circuit.

Here are 3 Easy Steps to Clean Your Electronics:

Step 1: Disconnect all electronics or remove the power source such as batteries. Do not try to turn them on before they have been cleaned.

Step 2: Use a soft rag to wipe down the exterior and remove any visible soot left behind.

Step 3: Use an air compressor to blow out any outlets, ports, or air vents.

Smoke and soot can cause internal damage to your electronics and decrease your ability to save them. If serious damage has occurred, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties.

We are fire restoration experts and can help you save your belongings.

Call us today! (814) 636 6760

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Water Conservation

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

Water drop saying every drop counts Although water covers 71% of the Earth, every drop still counts!

Conservation can come in many forms. Most people think of the usual methods such as turning the water off when you brush your teeth and taking shorter showers. Although water covers at least 71% of the Earth, it is still an important resource to us.

When trying to conserve water in your home, get your kids involved in the effort. Teaching them the value and practice of conservation early will hopefully stick with them throughout their adult lives. Kids soak up information better than a sponge soaks up water. If you teach your kid to conserve water, there is a good chance he or she is going to go to school and tell their friends.

Below are some tips for conserving water:

  1. As mentioned before, turn off the tap. Minimize water usage when brushing your teeth and taking a bath or shower. Depending on where you live, this could save a family of three about $100 a year and around 3200 gallons of water.
  2. If you pour more water than you need, rather than dumping it down the drain, use it to water plants, pour into your pet’s bowl, into your tea pot or a different more practical use than dumping it out. The same practice should be applied to ice cubes. Some plants survive better with ice cubes than water anyways.
  3. Limit playtime with toys that require a constant stream of water such as a sprinkler. Everyone loves a good run through the sprinkler, just keep tabs on the length of time.

If your home or business suffers water damage, SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties is here to help! We want you to conserve water, but we also want you to stay safe if water damage occurs in your home. We are fire and water restoration experts and available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Call us for more information! (814) 636 6760

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Summer Projects Present Unforeseen Risks

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

Men building a new deck Building a new deck can be exciting, but make sure to take the proper precautions beforehand to avoid water damage!

Taking on summer projects can be exciting and fun! Building a new deck, installing a mailbox, or planting new trees or gardens can bring joy to your life!

Before you dig into the ground, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions. It can be easy to forget where utilities lie within walls, underground, and possibly even in the ceiling.

Call 8-1-1 to contact OHIO811 before you dig and they will provide all the information needed to keep you and your home or business safe from water damage.

Creating the smallest hole in a water pipe or a tiny water leak can cause a lot of damage. If you do happen to notice that water damage is occurring, first turn off the water supply immediately. This will stop the flow of water and hopefully minimize the amount of damage.

If you need help mitigating and restoring water damage, SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties is here to help! Our professionals are highly trained and ready to respond quickly with water extraction tools to remove the water as quickly as possible. We will work to restore your home or business, while monitoring and documenting the drying process.

We know water does not wait for your schedule, so we are available 24/7, whenever you need us!

Call us today! (814) 636 6760

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The Art and Science Behind Drying

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

Water restoration tools and supplies We have the tools and equipment to help dry hardwood floors, tough-to-reach spaces inside walls, and much more!

Did you know there is a science behind the process of drying?

Psychrometrics is the fancy word for the process of drying. It is essential to restoring a water-damaged structure to its preloss condition.

While your initial reaction may be to grab a few towels to mop up the mess and place a fan or two around the damaged area, the professionals at SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties are trained in the science of drying. They follow strict industry approved standards to help lower the chances of any secondary damages.

A wet structure can often dry naturally because the environment always seeks equilibrium. When materials are wet, moisture will naturally move to drier air at the surface of the material–but only if the air is, indeed, drier. The only problem is nature often takes too long and secondary damages may occur while the building is drying out.

That is where knowledge of psychrometrics can help to dry building materials faster and more thoroughly according to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

If your home or business suffers water damage, our team at SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties will:

  1. Inspect the structure to detect every component that is wet and assess how far the moisture has traveled to help prevent secondary damage and mold.
  2. We use powerful pumps and vacuums to remove most of the water.
  3. Vaporize the remaining moisture as quickly as possible.
  4. Remove vaporized air as quickly as possible.

The certified technicians at SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties have the tools and equipment to help dry hardwood floors, tough-to-reach spaces inside walls, and much more.

SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties uses state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and a proven scientific process to help speed the drying of your home or business.

The professionals at SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties have the training and equipment to help make water damage “Like it never even happened.”

Call us at (814) 636 6760

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Waterford, PA Garage Cleaning in One Day

4/15/2020 (Permalink)

image of a clean and organized looking garage after it has been cleaned Cleaning your garage almost always takes about a full day. But with these simple tips, you’ll get it done quickly and efficiently!

Cleaning your garage might be on your to-do list during quarantine but the task can seem daunting. Instead of putting it off another day, follow these tips to knock this off your list in a day. 

  • Start early in the morning on a weekend or whenever you have more free time. Separate the items you want to keep and items you feel you can part ways with. These items you no longer need can be donated, sold or thrown away. Use your best judgment!
  • If it’s a nice day out, place everything you want to keep in the driveway or away from the garage itself. That way, you can start with the floors and walls and have a clear space to work! 
  • You could hire a power washer or do this part yourself. However, the key is to lift the stains out of the concrete instead of scrubbing. Oil, rust and paint are the toughest stains to get out. You’ll need a trisodium phosphate (TSP substitute) mixed with water and any absorbent material to make a smooth paste. The cleaner will soak into the concrete and break up the oil stain. Then it will dry like a paste and you scrape it off and sweep it away after! This could take a few tries for complete removal if the stain is older. 
  • For paint or rust stains, you will want special solutions too. Call us at SERVPRO for advice on what products to buy that are safe and effective. 
  • Once the floors are cleaned, you can rinse off dusty or dirty items and get to organizing. Consider buying clear or fun colored storage containers to place like items together. Kids toys and balls can go in one bin. Gardening and lawn items can go in another.
  • Use nails and hooks on the wall to hang wire shelves, hoses, rakes, brooms and other items to save space. The wall is your friend and utilizing that space will allow more walkway room between you and your cars as well. 

Once some of these steps are taken, you’ll find your garage seems bigger than it used to be and your items will be more easily accessible for you and your family. 

If you need help finding the right products, or need power washing, SERVPRO of East Erie and Warren Counties is ready to help! 

We can advise to on the best products to clean the stains you are trying to remove, and come to your house to do the power washing for you. 

Give us a call today! (814) 636 6760

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ERPs & Why Your Business Needs One

4/14/2020 (Permalink)

Female SERVPRO employee talking with male business owner in front of shut-off valve during an ERP Let our SERVPRO team provide your business with a free ERP that contains all of your facility's critical information in case disaster strikes.

As many as 50% of businesses close down following a disaster. Of the businesses that survive, the overwhelming majority of them had a preparedness plan in place.

The SERVPRO® Emergency Ready Profile, also known as an ERP, provides critical information about your facility that is needed to begin mitigation and recovery services following a disaster. This includes the locations of shut-off valves, priority areas, property overview, insurance details, and priority contact information.

Having an ERP in place minimizes business interruption because it provides the necessary information for immediate action. Knowing what do to and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation which, in turn, can save you thousands of dollars in reduced secondary damage.

SERVPRO® offers ERPs at no cost, and the assessment will be quick yet thorough. Our goal is to provide a concise readiness plan that will give you peace of mind should an emergency situation occur. Let’s face it - disaster can strike at any time.

For more information about obtaining an ERP for your Erie business, please contact us at (814) 646-6760 or visit our website.

New Cleaning Requirements for PA Businesses

4/14/2020 (Permalink)

blue stock image of empty office building with SERVPRO shield image in the middle We are Here to Help® during this difficult time. Contact us to become a SERVPRO® Sanitized Facility.

As COVID-19 continues to impact all of our local businesses, the state of Pennsylvania has new requirements for facilities that are 50,000 square feet or larger. This includes:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Grocery Stores
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Government Facilities
  • Airports

In addition to maintaining usual cleaning procedures, building owners must also ensure that high-touch surface areas such as doorknobs, light switches, tables, countertops, bathroom fixtures, and keyboards are routinely cleaned and disinfected.

SERVPRO® of East Erie & Warren Counties understands that this may be a large undertaking for businesses at this time, so we are Here to Help®. We are an IICRC Certified Firm and take great pride in serving our communities during this difficult time.

After performing our sanitization and disinfection services, we will provide the business with a Certificate of Completion showing that the facility meets CDC recommendations. Business owners will also receive a SERVPRO® Sanitized Facility window cling that can be displayed to let others know that proper proactive steps have been taken to keep the business, staff, and clients safe.

Should you need help sanitizing your facility, please give us a call at (814) 636-6760. You can also visit us online or on Facebook to learn more.

Helping with Flooding During a Global Pandemic

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

image of severe flood with water completely covering the street with the top of a car visible “When you’re a customer focused company, you treat every community as if it were your own. We are always “Hero-Ready” here at SERVPRO®

During the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic in the U.S., some of our SERVPRO® team members were dispatched to Columbus, OH to assist with major flooding in the area. When not enough restoration companies could handle all of the damage in Franklin County, SERVPRO® was there to help.

We talked with one of our Project Managers Shawn Pelo about his experience working in a new community during these unprecedented times. Shawn spent one week in Columbus where each morning the teams would briefly meet to go over all the active jobs and decide where to begin in the mitigation, monitor or clean up process. Pelo said the walkthrough of the job, though it was often time-consuming, was crucial to prepare the scope of work for each mitigation crew. “ At the end of the day, which can be 12-14 hours after it began, we sit back down, go over the new jobs that were signed, prep them on the board for the next morning to schedule the mitigation to begin,” Pelo said. 

The process was rewarding for Pelo and his team to be able to serve in a new community in such a time of need, especially when families are quarantined at home. 

“When you’re a customer focused company, you treat every community as if it were your own. We are always “Hero-Ready” here at SERVPRO® and the people of Franklin County needed heroes. Due to the magnitude of the storms and flooding, some people had to wait for over a week with saturated building materials to be removed,” Pelo said. “Imagine what wet carpet smells like after that length of time? They were very pleased to see us!”

Pelo added that the biggest challenge was getting service to the people as quickly as possible. He said they did their best using simple communication techniques. The teams met each morning and again in the evening with a concise agenda so everyone was up to speed and reminded of the important tasks to tackle the next day. “The expectations were set for each crew and individual on what their role was or what success looks like. Although we are always geared for the fastball, we keep our weight back for the times when life likes to throw that curve,” Pelo stated. 

The selflessness displayed by Pelo’s SERVPRO team made the strenuous experience much easier to handle. “Our team is always ready to put the needs of others before our own. Some nights we weren’t even able to have a regular meal before the clock strikes midnight,” he said. “Tensions can run high at times when you're in this business, but the bonds that are made from those experiences, we will remember forever.”

Making Quarantine Fun: Spring Cleaning in Erie, PA

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

image of cleaning products in basket like: sponges, spray bottles, wipes, gloves, and more Clean the window sills, doorknobs and kitchen cabinet handles where hands often touch

When the gyms, theaters, restaurants and bars are closed across the country, it seems many of us have little to do or few excuses not to start spring cleaning early. We have compiled some ways to make quarantine less daunting and more productive.

Remember: just because we have to sacrifice some things we love temporarily doesn’t mean we can’t make cleaning fun in the meantime. 

For starters: have your kids time their tasks. See how long it takes them to fully organize the kitchen junk drawer. Make a contest out of it. Winner gets to pick out their favorite treat, ice cream or pick the family movie you watch together  later. 

  • Clean the window sills, doorknobs and kitchen cabinet handles where hands often touch. 
  • Dust the baseboards you’ve been ignoring through the winter months.
  • Speaking of winter, fold and store your winter clothes to make more room in your closet and drawers for your spring/ summer wardrobe.
  • If you’d like to channel your inner Marie Kondo, get rid of clothing items you haven’t worn in 6 months or articles of clothing that don’t bring you joy. These clothing items can be donated to the Salvation Army, Goodwill or brought to any Plato’s Closet. 
  • If you are able to find any Clorox spray or bleach at your local grocery store, clean the dirty shower curtain liner in your shower or tub. 
  • Clean your ceiling fan and blades. 

Other deep cleaning can be done as well if you’re up for the challenge. You can clean out your fridge, inside and out. You can also do this with the dishwasher and even deep clean the oven and stove top.